When you donate to the Centennial Campaign, your gift will help complete three new buildings—the Jordan Welcome Center, the Thompson Family Lodge and the Mathena Family Event Center, as well as eliminate the debt on the R.A. Young Tabernacle.

The Gene and Jo Downing Family have given a matching gift of $2.3 million toward the Centennial Campaign. That means every $1 you give becomes $2. Every dollar you give today toward the campaign will be matched by the Downing matching fund, doubling your gift!

Since the opening of the R.A. Young Tabernacle in 2007, 51,000 young people have heard God’s call and made a decision for Christ; 17,000 of those decisions were for salvation and 8,000 answered the call to ministry. More people have surrendered their lives to missions at Falls Creek than any other place on the face of the earth. These three new buildings will add greatly to young people’s opportunity to hear the Gospel and be added to the Lord’s Kingdom.

To date we have raised $4.4 million toward the $4.7 million goal of the Centennial Campaign, leaving $307,000 remaining on the original R.A. Young Tabernacle debt.

Give today and join the hundreds of others who have given to the Centennial Campaign so that the campaign goal will be completed by the Centennial Anniversary of Falls Creek in 2017.

To donate to the Centennial Campaign click here.

Seat sponsorship is an easy way to show your support for the ministry at Falls Creek.

The cost to sponsor one seat is $500. With your donation you will be able to have an inscription plate placed on a seat in the tabernacle.

When you sponsor a seat for Save A Seat 2017 for $500, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Downing will match all gifts given to Falls Creek up to $2.3 million. That includes your sponsorship of seat, effectively doubling your cash gift to Falls Creek.

To sponsor a seat please click here.

The simplest and most common method of giving to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign is through cash gifts. Because of the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Downing you can double your gift to Falls Creek. They will match all gifts given to Falls Creek up to $2.3 million, effectively doubling your cash gift to Falls Creek.

To make your gift of cash, simply make your check out to “Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma” indicating on the lower left of the check, “for Falls Creek Campaign”. Mail your check to:

Falls Centennial Creek Campaign BGCO 3800 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73112

If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you may deduct up to an amount equal to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Any unused deduction can be carried over for up to five additional years or until it is completely used whichever is first.

Recurring gift or Automatic withdrawal gifts are an easy way to give consistently to Falls Creek.

Support from our employees and the Baptist community is what really brings the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center experience full circle. Generosity and compassion from people like you keep Falls Creek thriving.

Thank you for making a difference, and for helping us to better serve youth by extending the ministry of Christ through a recurring gift. To make recurrent gifts please enter your information below.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your gift plans, please contact Marty Harkey at 1-800-690-6933, or via e-mail at

Most donors to the Falls Creek Campaign could usually give more significantly by committing to a specific amount over a period of time rather than a single one-time gift.

The Campaign plan calls for a three-year (36 month) pledge opportunity, although any length up to five years is acceptable. Pledges will be counted toward the campaign at the full face value of the pledge. The donor determines the frequency of the pledge payments, which best fits, his or her particular situation.

All pledges must be documented in writing by the donor either in the form of a pledge card or written letter of intent. Unfortunately, verbal pledges cannot be counted toward the campaign goal.

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma considers a signed pledge to be a “good faith” commitment on the part of the donor. If circumstances should warrant, the commitment may be changed at the donor’s request. All information regarding a donor’s gift and pledge is held in strictest confidence.

To discuss making a Pledge, please call 1-800-690-6933.

Transferring securities (stocks or bonds) to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign can be one of the most profitable ways of giving.

The donor is entitled to a charitable tax deduction equal to the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift. That value is determined as the average of the high and low prices on that date. If the donor had owned appreciated stock for more than one year, capital gains taxes may be avoided by donating the stock to the Falls Creek Campaign.

Warning: Do not sell highly appreciated stock first and then give the proceeds! Even though you intend to make a charitable gift, the IRS will impose a capital gains tax on your sale and thus lessen the amount of your gift.

The donor may deduct gifts of appreciated assets for up to 30 percent of their Adjusted Gross Income (total of their taxable income) although they can carry over any unused balance for up to five additional years.

Call 1-800-690-6933 for instructions for transferring appreciated assets to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign.

Gifts of real estate can benefit both the donor and Falls Creek.

An individual may elect to give a principal residence, vacation home, farmland, a commercial building, sub-division lots, or unimproved land. The same benefits for gifts of appreciated securities apply to gifts of appreciate real estate.

Gifts of real estate are deductible at fair market value as determined by a qualified appraiser. The donor provides a formal appraisal on gifts of real estate in accordance with IRS regulations governing such gifts.

Because various factors impact acceptance of R/E gifts, all potential gifts of real estate will be inspected and reviewed before they are formally accepted and finalized.

An Alternative Consideration A person may donate their home to the Falls Creek Campaign, receive an immediate tax deduction and continue to live in the home for his or her lifetime. This giving approach is called a “Retained Life Estate” and is described in the Planned Giving section of Giving Opportunities.

To discuss the possibility of making a gift of R/E, call 1-800-690-6933.

All tangible personal property, such as jewelry, works of art, coin collections, antiques, royalties, and other personal possessions could be subject to estate taxes. By giving such items to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign during lifetime or at death, an individual may realize certain benefits and discover a new way to make a gift.

The amount of tax deduction available by giving tangible personal property is determined by appraised value, related purpose guidelines and other determining factors. Generally, gifts such as these can only be accepted if they enhance the Falls Creek ministry or asset value and are readily convertible to cash equivalents.

Contact the Falls Creek Campaign office at 1-800-690-6933 if you would like to discuss the possibilities of giving a tangible personal item to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign.

Gifts given in honor or memory of a loved one can influence the lives of the present as well as future generations. Falls Creek has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through the years and if the life of the person being honored or memorialized was impacted by this dynamic ministry, this type of gift would carry special meaning.

When this type of gift is made, the Falls Creek Campaign office notifies the honoree or next of kin and the gift is administered as the donor specifies.

To make a Memorial Gift or to make a Gift in Honor of Someone Special call 1-800-690-6933.

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