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“Here they come” or “they’re here”—in horror movie genre, these expressions strike fear into movie and TV characters and into their audiences as well. Something is coming, and it can’t be good.

We hold on tighter to our seats, and our hearts race a little faster in anticipation of something bad happening to the hero or heroine. Knowing something is about to happen and wondering what the characters will do to fend off the impending peril brings tension and makes the plot more interesting.

But the phrases “here they come” or “they’re here” in a different context can create a completely different level of anticipation and response. Recently, my oldest daughter and our only granddaughter came for a visit. Certainly you can imagine, as any doting grandfather would, I watched with great anticipation for their arrival, and then I uttered the phrases “here they come” and “they’re here.” The response was not one of fear, but one of great joy that something good was about to happen. Soon, I would be showering love on my family. My heart was racing faster, yes, but it was for the moment when we saw their faces and held them closely.

Almost 100 years ago in 1917, Oklahoma Baptists J.B. Rounds and W.D. Moorer saw the need to prepare a place for the young people of Oklahoma. Their vision was for a place young people could come to learn about Baptist distinctives, about missionary service and to understand who they were in Jesus Christ.

I can only imagine the joy Rounds and Moorer felt as the first campers topped the hill on the small hand-hewn trail to Falls Creek. Their hearts must have raced a little faster because of the great joy of seeing these campers and praying that some of them would come to know Jesus. That first year, two young people did come to know Jesus, and today many, many more are following in their footsteps.

This summer, Falls Creek staff will utter the words “here they come” or “they’re here.” More than 50,000 people will enter the grounds of Falls Creek during the summer. And not only for the summer, but all year long, people will be coming to Falls Creek.

The question is not whether they will come, but the question is, will we be ready when they do? Will the thousands who come strike fear or joy in our hearts? The difference may well be the level of preparedness.

The Centennial Campaign is the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s way of preparing for the thousands who will be coming to Falls Creek in the years ahead. The Jordan Welcome Center, the Thompson Family Lodge and the Mathena Family Event Center are preparing Falls Creek for the thousands who are coming. The Mathena Family Event Center is a monolithic dome that will double as a fire shelter and F5 tornado-rated shelter.

Through the Centennial Campaign, you have the opportunity to prepare new generations to top the hill into Falls Creek. Our hearts, too, should race a little faster with the anticipation that thousands will come to know Jesus as Savior this summer. These new believers will learn how to walk with the Lord as they attend the encampments at Falls Creek.

Your gifts to the Centennial Campaign will ensure that we are prepared to shower the love of Christ on all those who will be attending Falls Creek during the next generation. This summer, and for years to come, help us say, “here they come” and “they’re here.” Your gifts to the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign will help us to all be ready to receive them with joy.

Contact us for more information about your gift for the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign at 405/516-4868,, or toll free at 800/690-6933.

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